M2-TwoPrint™ Dual Fingerprint Reader
The M2-TwoPrint™ dual fingerprint reader is a durable, sturdy scanner built with a large scanning area specifically designed to quickly capture high quality images. Well suited for deployments subject to poor skin integrity in harsh conditions this scanner has the capability to capture single, dual and rolled images. It’s thick, anti-scratch coating on the scanning surface endures long term heavy duty usage in any harsh environment and can easily handle dry, wet, blurred and scarred fingers without any difficulty.
  • High speed quality images in seconds (FBI Certified With PIV-071006 image quality).
  • Sturdy design with anti-scratch glass scanning surface
  • Captures single, dual or rolled finger images
  • Easily handles low quality skin integrity
  • Able to withstand heavy use in harsh environments
  • Quick set-up and user-friendly interface