National ID Card Project In Europe

European nation selects M2SYS biometric de-duplication system to issue National ID Cards for its 80 million people.

RightPatient™ For Patient Safety

RightPatient™ is the healthcare industry’s only multi-biometric patient identity and medical data integrity platform that prevents duplicate medical records and fraud and increases patient safety.

AFIS For Law Enforcement

The military, Immigration Departments and law enforcement agencies are using the M2SYS Automated Biometric Identification System (AFIS) to improve security.

M2-FuseID™ Hybrid Fingerprint & Finger Vein Reader

Having one-to-one and one-to-many matching capabilities, the M2-FuseID™ hybrid device is an innovative biometric scanner that supports fingerprint and finger vein with a single touch.

Biometrics For Global Healthcare

To improve population health, Haiti uses the M2SYS identity management platform for its patient biometric smart card.

Establish Audit Trail for Financial Institutions

Small microcredit firms to multi-billion dollar financial institutions rely on M2SYS biometric solutions for accurate employee and customer identification during sensitive transactions.

Jail Management Solution In U.S. Prisons

More than 100 U.S. detention centers rely on the M2SYS biometric matching system to accurately identify prisoners and their visitors.

Biometric System For Iraqi Border Patrol Security

To ensure maximum security across hundreds of checkpoints, the Iraqi Kurdistan Province uses the M2SYS biometric matching system to identify over 1 million registrants.

Preventing Identity Theft

Over 20 million mobile phone subscribers have been registered using M2SYS biometric software to deter criminal activity in Nigeria.

Biometric Single Sign On Software

Enterprise class password management and network security software with scalable authentication framework.

We Deliver Innovative & Leading-Edge Enterprise Biometric Solutions.

12+ years experience, 200+ million enrollments, solutions deployed in more than 100 countries worldwide.

M2SYS Technology | Biometric Software and Hardware Solution Provider

M2SYS Technology is an international identity management technology company specializing in biometric identification and enterprise software solutions. Founded in 2002, M2SYS Technology has over a decade of experience, millions of end users in more than 100 countries worldwide, and is considered a pioneer in biometric identity management technology.

M2SYS offers a unique multimodal biometric software platform that can support any form of biometrics and any device. Hybrid Biometric Platform™ already supports fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein iris, facial and DNA recognition. Combined with this biometric platform, M2SYS provides biometric matching technology for large-scale identification and de-duplication, serving markets such as National ID, Healthcare, Voting, Border Control, Law Enforcement and Military.

In 2007, the company received the “Biometrics Technology Innovator of the Year” Award from Frost & Sullivan and in 2011, received Frost & Sullivan’s “North American New Product Innovation” Award for Hybrid Biometric Platform™.