Biometric National Identification Card | National ID | eID
Based on its AFIS/ABIS system, the M2SYS eID system supports multiple biometric modalities (i.e. fingerprint, iris, facial recognition). Biometric National IDs or Biometric eIDs have already deployed in more than 30 countries and in another 30 countries, it’s in the process of being deployed. eID is a plastic ID or badge which contains an unique number with a biometric profile. Growing security issues around the world trigger more frequent requests for a National Identification process.
  • Supports multiple biometric modalities (i.e. fingerprint, iris, facial recognition etc.)
  • Easy installation process, compatible with any windows operating system
  • Multi-platform, scalable cluster architecture for parallel matching
  • Improve national security
  • Increase administrative efficiency and reduce costs
  • Reduce possibilities for fraud, identity theft, and phishing