M2-S™ Fingerprint Reader
The M2-S™ fingerprint scanner was designed for use with all standard fingerprint Software Development Kits (SDKs) available on the market. Our most durable fingerprint scanner, The M2-S’ ergonomic design promotes perfect finger placement with each fingerprint scan to produce an optimized fingerprint image with maximum captured surface area. This fingerprint Reader was designed around the Digital Persona U.Are.U 4500HD (high-durability) fingerprint sensor.
  • Compatible with many standard fingerprint SDK’s
  • Small form factor, excellent image quality, and encrypted image data
  • Latent print & counterfeit image rejection
  • Excellent image quality and durability (Digital Persona U.Are.U 4500HD fingerprint sensor)
  • Compatible with many standard fingerprint SDK’s
  • Works well with dry, moist or rough fingerprints