M2-FuseID™ Hybrid Fingerprint & Finger Vein Reader M2-PalmVein™ Scanner M2-FV Finger Vein Reader M2-TenPrint™ Live Fingerprint Scanner M2-TwoPrint™ Dual Fingerprint Scanner M2-B™ Fingerprint Reader M2-S™ Fingerprint Reader M2-EasyScan™ Fingerprint Reader Cross Match I Scan 2 Iris Camera Iris ID iCAM TD100 Iris Recognition Camera

M2-FuseID™ Hybrid Fingerprint & Finger Vein Reader

Versatile, Ergonomic Fused Multimodal Biometric Hardware Featuring Liveness Detection.

The M2-PalmVein™ Scanner

Industry-Leading Palm Biometrics Scanner with 100% Authentication Accuracy.

M2-FV Finger Vein Reader

Contactless finger vein reader scans below the skin’s surface for a perfect read, every time!

M2-TenPrint™ Fingerprint Live Scanner

Affordable &Specialized device with an advanced optical system that can capture a high quality images in less than 1.0 sec.

M2-TwoPrint™ Dual Fingerprint Reader

Superior Dual Finger Recognition Technology With Anti-scratch Coating & Sturdy Design!

M2-B™ Fingerprint Reader

Precise Scanning, Sleek Design, And Scratch Free Sensor Surface Biometric Fingerprint Reader!

M2-S™ Fingerprint Reader

Rugged, Durable, Ergonomic, Affordable – Designed For Use In High Throughput Environment And Is Built To Last.

M2-EasyScan™ Fingerprint Reader

An Ergonomic Fingerprint Reader That Ensures A Consistent Image Quality, Even In High Throughput Environments!

Cross Match® I Scan 2

Perfect for mobile deployments, with fast and reliable iris recognition performance!

Iris ID iCAM TD100 Iris Recognition Camera

State-of-the-art Iris Recognition Device With The Ability To Quickly And Efficiently Perform One-to-one (1:1), Or One-to-many (1:N) Contactless Matching In Almost Any Indoor Or Outdoor Environment!