SecuredPASS™ – Biometric Border Control Solution for Secured Border Entry & Exit
M2SYS SecuredPass™ provides maximum security to national borders including checkpoint entry and exit with its secure border control solution. For the last ten years governments around the world have been overhauling border control and airport security to include Biometric technology. The M2SYS AFIS/ ABIS border control solution facilitates smooth traveler traffic flow at immigration and customs.
  • Snapshot the detailed biometric data of any individual for further checking with a central AFIS/ ABIS database
  • Data Level deduplication matching with 1:N and 1:M matching system based on a probabilistic matching algorithm
  • Multi-modal biometric support with the availability of fingerprint, palm vein, iris, and facial recognition
  • Increases citizen security and safety
  • Reduces terrorist fear from threatening visitors
  • Increase staff productivity through paper work minimization