M2-EasyScan™ Fingerprint Reader
The M2-EasyScan™ fingerprint reader is a revolutionary, ergonomic fingerprint reader that ensures consistent image quality, even in high throughput environments. In these environments such as membership management or school lunch line point of service (POS), a fingerprint reader is required that will capture a high quality image and will not degrade with frequent usage. The M2-EasyScan™ fingerprint scanner from M2SYS was designed with these goals in mind and is meeting these challenges with success.
  • M2-EasyScan™ fingerprint reader does not have a membrane, and therefore will not degrade or erode with frequent fingerprint scanning
  • Device self-calibrates
  • MIC, CE, FCC, WHQL, RoHS compliance certified
  • Ergonomic and user friendly design
  • Ensures consistent image quality under high throughput environments
  • Works well with dry fingerprints and fingerprints of smaller children, which is especially useful in school lunch lines or any type of school environments