Bio-SnapON™ is a biometric identification management solution that can be instantly “snapped-on” to any third party software application. With the help of Bio-SnapON™, individuals can instantly be identified by simply placing their finger or palm on a high-performance biometric scanner to ensure the highest level of identification accuracy. The M2SYS Bio‐SnapON™ solution is a turn‐key, secure, accurate biometric identification system that businesses can use with third party systems such as time and attendance, membership management, or church management so that individuals can be instantly authenticated by simply verifying their biometric credentials.
  • No upgrade or software development required
  • User doesn’t have to remember any password
  • More secure & reliable than ID cards, passwords, or PINs
  • Fast biometric authentication
  • No code level work needed
  • Capable to work in both Windows or Web applications