AFIS Public Safety Software for Law Enforcement Agencies
The M2SYS AFIS public safety software is a widespread solution that permits law enforcement agencies to establish customizable and scalable workflows with uni-modal or multi-modal biometric checks and speedy response times. M2SYS AFIS software for law enforcement also offers full FBI and IAFIS compatibility and the flexibility of managing the prisoner proof of identity database to identify prior to release and track their movements throughout the facility.
  • FBI, NIST, ISO, ANSI Certified
  • Multi-level data integrity and access protection
  • Data level deduplication matching with a 1:N and 1:M matching system based on probabilistic matching algorithm
  • Multi-modal biometric support with the availability of fingerprint, palm print, iris, and facial recognition
  • Increases citizen security and safety
  • Reduces terrorist fear from threatening visitors
  • Increase staff productivity through minimizing paper work