Prevent Bank Insider Fraud
Use BioSignature™ to establish strong multi-factor authentication in transaction process.
M2SYS BioSignature™ provides biometric signature identification system for bank, insurance & financial institutions to authenticate employee and customers in secured transaction process, mortgage processing, loan approvals etc. Also  seamlessly interfaces with existing bank software or work flow.  This system is a perfect biometric identification solution to create concrete audit trails of transaction activity and ensure adherence to government regulations for the financial institutions.
  • Seamless integration to incorporate with existing bank software or workflow.
  • Force employee biometric scans and manager overrides to establish a concrete audit trail.
  • Convenient with different biometric modalities like fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein, & iris.
  • Reduce insider bank fraud & customer identity theft.
  • Different biometric hardware flexibility & reliable multi factor authentication
  • Delivers secure, convenient process to control transaction authorizations