Biometric-To-Enhance-Border-Security Biometric-Voter-Registration-System Biometric-National-Identity-Card-eID-Solution Portable-Multimodal-Biometric-Device Biometric-Multimodal-Latent-Print-Identification-System Biometric-Epassport-Solution Automated-Fingerprint-Identification-System-AFIS-for-Public-Safety

Protect your National Borders

Prevent Criminals and Immigration Violators from Crossing your Borders.

Accurately Identify the Voters

Advanced Biometric Voter Registration System for Fair and Credible Election.

Provide Secured Citizen Identity

Ensure Better Social Security and Citizen Benefits through Better Governance.

Verify any Individual or ID Document

Portable Multimodal Biometric Device Modified for any Environmental Condition.

Automate the Latent Search Process

Establish a Fast and Accurate Multimodal Latent Print Identification System.

Verify Travelers Identity

Greater Protection Against Identity Fraud to Stop Illegal Immigration

Ensure Maximum Citizen Security

Reduce the Number of Unsolved Crime through Developing Interagency Communication

AFIS | ABIS | Automated Biometric Fingerprint Identification System

M2SYS AFIS/ABIS is a multi-modal and fully customizable software package with the ability to perform multiple tasks for storing, editing, processing, and searching biometric records and templates. Its automated multi-modal identification capabilities allows it to cross match a subject’s fingerprint with a facial or iris modality. Our FBI, NIST, ISO, ANSI certified AFIS/ABIS biometric matching server architecture supports 1:N and 1:1 matching systems and can search over 200 million irises or 100 million fingerprints per second.

  • High speed, reliable search capability with multi level data integrity
  • Can perform searches for both rolled and flat print finger latent searches
  • Automatic image placement and processing (extraction, quality and sequence check)
  • Supports variable card formats in subject scanning
  • Supports unlimited system expansion for subsequent productivity increase
  • Comprehensive database inquiries