M2-AutoTilt™ iris camera
The M2-AutoTilt™ iris camera uses intelligent face-finding technology enabling it to automatically adjust the capture mechanism, maximizing ease-of-use.  The camera also provides audio and visual cues, further enhancing its intuitive design and enabling users to instantly capture both iris images and a full facial image.  A user simply stands approximately 32 to 35cm away from the camera, looks into the mirror and follows the LED guide within the mirror display to find the optimal capture range.
The auto-tilt functionality makes this camera an ideal choice for a wide range of use, including desktop, countertop and kiosk applications.  Real-time quality metrics ensure that captured iris and face images exceed the ISO 19794-6 standards for image quality.  Combined with M2SYS’s Bio-Hyperpliance™ high-performance biometric matching system, the M2-AutoTilt™ offers a unique advantage to those seeking reliable, fast, contactless biometric identification.
Features & Benefits
  • Proprietary face-finding technology with motorized auto-tilt
  • High-quality simultaneous facial and iris image capture
  • Intuitive audio and visual user positioning cues
  • Complies with ISO 19794-6 biometric image standards